No. And no reputable publicist would. It’s all a matter of timing, preparation, persistence. If a journalist consistently receives relevant information, in a timely manner, from a credentialed source, with a unique perspective … in all likelihood, coverage will eventually happen. No guarantees, but we want to equip you to be able to provide those things, so that you’ll have the best possible opportunity. Once you have the tools and the training, how hard and effectively you work is up to you. But that’s the beauty of it, right? You know your publicist is working for you, 24/7. Not something you’d ever know, otherwise. And you’d be out several thousand dollars, to boot.

Absolutely! It will be built a little differently, as publicity for fiction authors is oftentimes focused a bit more on the literary community, reviewers, etc. A fiction author’s kit would consist of a list of media contacts that will include locals, but also prominent (and genre-specific, as much as possible) book reviewers and online influencers, such as podcasters, book-stagrammers and bloggers.

Ideally, 30 days. It takes time for you to provide us with the information we need to build the press kit. To match up our calendars and conduct the consult calls. To do the research necessary to build your media list. It’s possible that it could take longer, depending on the author’s availability and where they are in our queue. But, 30 days is what we’ll be shooting for.

Each purchaser/member of the Local PR Toolkit community will have two separate one-hour consult calls with a member of our team, to review the press kit, media list, brainstorm pitch angles and ask any other questions they’d like. They’ll also have access to our online community, where other authors may be able to help and where we’ll also be answering our members’ questions publicly, to the benefit of all.   Beyond that, should you still need to touch base, absolutely. We’d be glad to spend a few minutes with you. We’re here to serve!

So, what makes more sense? Hiring a publicist and paying thousands of dollars every time you write a book? Or making a one-time investment in your career as a writer and learning to do the work yourself?  

No one is going to know your message better than you. No one is going to work harder to share it than you. Knowing the work is being done, that your publicist isn’t thinking about seven other projects and saving, literally, tens of thousands of dollars in the years ahead?  Sign me up, right?  

Well, those aren’t the only advantages! When you act as your own publicist, you’re never off the clock. You can act quickly when opportunities arise (opportunities, btw, that a publicist a thousand miles away may miss). And you can own the relationships that come of your consistent interaction with media and the interviews you do, setting you and your future books up for success. Relationships are currency for publicists. It’s their trade. Now, it can be yours, too. No more spending thousands of dollars to leverage someone else’s relationships. 

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