What are Local Media Outlets Looking For?

It might seem like what your local media is looking for is something of a guessing game… Do they want tension-rich stories with emotional weight? Or something light, happy, maybe even a bit silly? Honestly, it’s simpler than that.   Local media outlets are looking for entertainment and information that will benefit their audience. This […]

What’s Your Mindset?

Your mindset and perspective on a situation can drastically change the experience, can’t it?    When in traffic, for instance, if you’re fuming and staring at the clock, the traffic jam will likely feel longer than if you’re rocking out to your favorite playlist and taking in the details you’re usually driving too fast to […]

5 Things to Do Before Pitching to Local Media

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” –Louis Pasteur   Are you prepared to pitch to local media? Before you start firing off emails to your local press, there are five things you absolutely have to ensure you’ve done first.    Update your website and social media feeds Is your digital presence up to speed and ready […]

Where Do You Start Building Your Audience?

  You’ve written it: the book that was missing from the world, the sum of hundreds of hours of research, planning, writing, editing… it’s finally done and ready to dazzle your readers.   Well, not so fast… how can you dazzle someone if they don’t know your book exists? You’re not in the business of […]

Socially Awkward? Common Sense Strategies to Help You Succeed with Media, Part 5

It’s easy to talk a big game on your social feeds, but it’s tough to keep the truth under wraps for long.  Eventually, you’ll be exposed. And overselling yourself can be detrimental to your chances of landing publicity. Three reasons to keep it real and not oversell yourself on your social feeds, press materials or […]

Socially Awkward? Common Sense Strategies to Help You Succeed With Media, Pt. 4

Your feeds shouldn’t be an endless stream of promotions. When it appears that all you’re interested in is selling, selling, selling, it’s a major turnoff. And not just for your followers. Media outlets want to see that you’re enthusiastic about the topic and interested in providing valuable information – not just making a buck. If […]