be your own publicist.

The search is over.
The publicist is you.

As an author, it probably feels like you really only have two choices. You’ll either do no publicity at all … or spend thousands on a publicist. It’s not true. There’s another way.


Local PR Toolkit is a suite of tools and resources—created by longtime publicists, publishing and media professionals—to equip authors with the professional PR tools and training they need to do their own publicity work.

Our stellar team consists of longtime non-fiction and fiction book publicists, who have worked with the world’s largest publishing houses and media. 

No more radio silence.

No more thousands spent.

No more fingers crossed.

So, what makes more sense?

Hiring a publicist (if you can find one) and paying thousands of dollars
every time you write a book? Or making a small, one-time investment in your career as a writer and learning to do the work yourself?

No one is going to know your message better,
care more or work harder than you are.
All you need are the tools.

each toolkit includes:


A copy of our e-book, ‘Land Local Media: An Actionable Guide to Help Self-Published Authors Book Local Press’


Custom-built list of 100+ media contacts in your nearest major market, including email addresses, physical mailing addresses and social media handles! 

Custom-built Press Kit

Professional press kit, custom-built by a longtime, industry-leading literary publicist!

E-mail Templates

Proven pitch templates that will help you craft the perfect e-mail! These are some of the same emails we’ve used to book thousands of TV & radio programs!


Two hours of one-on-one consult time with a longtime, nationally-renowned publicist!

Pitch Prompts

An interactive, 365-day ‘pitch prompts’ calendar to help you forecast the upcoming news cycle and recognize potential pitching opportunities!

Media Training

Lifetime access to a three-part online media training course, produced by our award-winning team of former broadcast journalists!


Access to our exclusive online community, webinars, live Q&As with media and publishing professionals and other content for self-published authors!

You’ll know who to contact, where to reach them, what information will capture their attention and how to craft the perfect email.

Only 100 kits available.

Each and every toolkit is custom built.  For that reason, there’s a limit to the number of them we can take on.  Don’t miss out!  


No.  And no reputable publicist would.  It’s all a matter of timing, preparation, persistence.  If a journalist consistently receives relevant information, in a timely manner, from a credentialed source, with a unique perspective … in all likelihood, coverage will enventually happen.  No guarantees, but we want to equip you to be able to provide those things, so that you’ll have the best possible opportunity.  Once you have the tools and the training, how hard and effectively you work is up to you.  But that’s the beauty of it, right?  You know your publicist is working for you, 24/7.  Not something you’d ever know, otherwise.  And you’d be out several thousand dollars, to boot.

Absolutely!  It will be built a little differently, as publicity for fiction authors is oftentimes focused a bit more on the literary community, reviewers, etc.  A fiction author’s kit would consist of a list of media contacts that will include locals, but also prominent (and genre-specific, as much as possible) book reviewers and online influeners, such as podcasters, Bookstagrammers and bloggers.

Ideally, thirty days.  It takes time for you to provide us with the information we need to build the press kit.  To match up our calendars and conduct the consult calls.  To do the research necessary to build your media list.  It’s possible that it could take longer, depending on the author’s availability and where they are in our queue.  But, 30 days is what we’ll be shooting for.

Each purchaser/member of the Local PR Toolkit community will have two separate one-hour consult calls with a member of our team, to review the press kit, media list, brainstorm pitch angles and ask any other questions they’d like.  They’ll also have access to our online community, where other authors may be able to help and where we’ll also be answering our members’ questions publicly, to the benefit of all.   Beyond that, should you still need to touch base, absolutely.  We’d be glad to spend a few minutes with you.  We’re here to serve!