What’s Your Mindset?

Your mindset and perspective on a situation can drastically change the experience, can’t it? 


When in traffic, for instance, if you’re fuming and staring at the clock, the traffic jam will likely feel longer than if you’re rocking out to your favorite playlist and taking in the details you’re usually driving too fast to notice.


Similarly, when promoting and selling a book, your mindset can affect the whole process. When you neglect the long view, you can get lost in the minutiae.  So, what is this magic mindset shift?


You’re not trying to sell one book, or even a few thousand – you’re trying to be a content provider. 


Do you only have one thing to say for the rest of your life? Of course not! You have loads of expertise just waiting to be shared with others, so act like it! 


Just as the happier person in the traffic jam sees it for what it is – a temporary setback, nothing they can do about it – holding the long view in your book sales/promotion will mean a happier overall experience for you. You can weather the lower moments (not booking that one show you really wanted to get on) much better when you think of the big picture (you’re on your way to being a content creator who will add value to people’s lives).

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