Socially Awkward? Common Sense Strategies to Help You Succeed With Media, Pt. 4

Your feeds shouldn’t be an endless stream of promotions.

When it appears that all you’re interested in is selling, selling, selling, it’s a major turnoff. And not just for your followers. Media outlets want to see that you’re enthusiastic about the topic and interested in providing valuable information – not just making a buck. If your feeds are nothing more to you than a space to sell products, why would you see the airtime they’d offer you any differently? And they’ll be quick to tell you that your product is’t news and they aren’t in the business of producing infomercials. 

So, use your platforms for engagement and conversation.  Ask questions, reply to comments.  Share resources.  Link to other experts and books.  Let your platform be social proof that you care more about the audience than your pocketbook.  If you can do this consistently, the pocketbook will take care of itself.  And media will notice.

One other thing.   Curated photos and pretty graphics are great.  We all do it.  But media likes to see, too, that you’re a real person.  Not just the product of hours of editing.  They want to see the real you. That you can handle a one-take video, that you can laugh at yourself, handle the pressure gracefully when the light comes on—even if it’s the light on your own iPhone.  Be real.  Don’t be afraid to let them see that. It’s attractive.

What’s Your Mindset?

Your mindset and perspective on a situation can drastically change the experience, can’t it?    When in traffic, for instance, if you’re fuming and staring

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