Socially Awkward?: Common Sense Social Strategies to Help You Succeed with Media, Part 1

In our first blog series, we’re going to break down for you a few key social media strategies, as they relate to your efforts to become a viable guest/expert/resource for media.  

The most important thing you can do?  

  1. Exist.   Yeah.  Keep laughing. Your social presence is the first thing the media goes looking for when they’ve received your pitch and are interested enough to take a second step.  It’s important to understand that what they find—or don’t—is their first impression of you.  And if you’re MIA, it’s not going to be a good one.  It can either appear that you have something to hide or nothing to say—neither of which is ideal.  And both of which can cause an already skeptical journlalist to cast you aside as too big a risk to present information to their hard-earned audience as a trusted expert.  So, still laughing?  We’ve worked with the biggest media outlets in the world and I’ve heard that information more times than you can count, at the desks of and straight from the lips of producers at Fox News, NBC, CNN and others.  In their mind, if you haven’t been at this long enough or cared enough to cultivate an audience of your own that trusts you, why should they trust you with theirs?  That said, update and clean up your social profiles or get busy building one.  An audience doesn’t appear overnight and you’re much less likely to score media appearances without one.  

What’s Your Mindset?

Your mindset and perspective on a situation can drastically change the experience, can’t it?    When in traffic, for instance, if you’re fuming and staring

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